Monday, July 19, 2010

It Was a Very Good Week!

Last week was my best week yet for sales since I started selling online in March.  I sold a couple of items on Etsy, on Artfire and  a lot to family and friends.  I sold four pair of my Crystal Antique Copper Drop Earrings!  These earrings come in a variety of colors, blue, purple, yellow, clear, red, light pink, dark pink and orange. These earrings are my best selling item off-line aside from my adjustable lampwork rings. I also received an e-mail from a customer how had purchased a pair of purple crystal earrings who wanted a necklace to match.  So, I took and completed a reserve listing and the customer is very happy with the necklace I created.  I was nervous about the reserve listing because the customer was trusting me to create a necklace that they would love which is different from a making a sale where the item it pictured and described. 

To end this fabulous and busy week I traveled to my family reunion picnic in Richmond, Va.  It was a blast!  I saw many relatives I had not seen in years.  Family came from all over the East Coast!  We have the official family reunion every two years, this being the odd year a picnic was planned.  The event was held on the grounds of Mom's old high school which was built in 1929.  It is now an historical site.  It was interesting to see the class room and the auditorium.  There was a rooster of the graduates posted on a bulletin board dating back to the 1930's. It was not an air conditioned building, so I didn't spend much time  looking because it was 95 degrees outside.  Anyhow, a nice day was planned  and my family and I enjoyed  the DJ, the water slide, the moon bounce (the kids, that is), and a ton of food.  There was fried fish, (my favorite) chicken, barbecue ribs and chicken, potato salad, green beads, baked beans, corn of the cobs, crabs, homemade cakes, snow cones, fresh popcorn -- you get the picture.  I was asked to set up a table to showcase my on-line shops, but my cousin who is just 10 years old was there with her beading kit.  She began making and selling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for $3.00 to $5.00.  I just could not set up and compete with that. It took me back to when I was 9 years old crocheting hat and scarves and selling them.  Her items were very pretty and I know in time if she continues, she will be an awesome jewelry artist.

To my surprise, this week my shop is the featured shop of the week in the Artfire guild, Shops with Less than 10 Sales.   Stop by and check out the  Guild's blog at  If  you leave a comment, you will be automatically entered in a the free giveaway for the month which is beautiful bracelet by the Artfire Artisan Swirl Jewels. 

The items featured in the blog are items which were sold  last week or are currently for sale.  To see more lovely hand-crafted jewelry and accessories  check out my online shops on Artfire at or on Etsy at   Designed by Audrey will have a booth later this month at the St. Joseph Parish Flea Market in Landover, MD.  


  1. I have seen your store in Artfire. It is very nicely done. Your work is pretty.

  2. Bindu, thank you for your kind words!