Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spring is a Wonderful Time of the Year for Weddings and Proms at Designed by Audrey

Wood Tile Cufflinks

It's Springtime and the wedding, graduation and prom season is in full swing.  Today I am sharing in this post some of the accessories that are available in by Etsy shop.  I have been very busy filling orders from brides, grooms, students and their parents from all over the world.  I am starting off with Scrabble Tile Cufflinks which are a big hit with the guys.  These fun cufflinks are made to order in a choice of two letters and a silver or gold base.  A set of six pairs were recently made for a groom in the UK and a set of 16 were made for a groom in the US. 


Next, one of my brides from Australia comes to mind who just
White Freshwater Pearl Cufflink
 and Tie Clip Sets
loves pearls and chose them for the accessory theme for her wedding. I made a set of four awesome white freshwater pearl cufflinks and tie clips in a silver settings for the groom and groomsmen to match the white pearl necklace and earring sets the bridesmaids would be wearing.

Dark Blue

Lapis Lazuli Oval Cufflinks
The rich tones of dark blue is a perfect color choice for any formal occasion.  Dark blue is also one of the color cufflinks sort out by many of my grooms for themselves and to be presented as gifts to their groomsmen to accessorize their suits. Dark blue is also a favorite with young men attending prom. This season my 18x13mm oval lapis lazuli cufflinks accented in gold or silver is the blue stone most chosen.  I also carry other lapis lazuli cufflinks in an array of settings, sizes and shapes as well as tie clips and tuxedo shirt studs.  


This season black has been the most requested formal accessory
16mm Round Black Onyx Cufflinks
color so far.  My 16mm round black onyx cufflinks set in a silver base are a favorite choice.  I also carry an assortment of black onyx cufflinks in a variety of settings, sizes, and shapes including, 18mm and 20mm, round stones, 18x13mm ovals stones, and 16x16mm square stones.

Black Onyx Tuxedo Shirt Studs
Lastly, it seems that the guys have fallen in love with my tuxedo shirt studs which come in a set of four and are presented in an antique silver setting. The black mother of pearl tuxedo shirt studs are a favorite but the black onyx tuxedo shirts studs are the ones most requested. 

It has been a pleasure to be a small part of each customers special day.  Designed by Audrey on Etsy offers a vast variety of handmade jewelry and accessories for men and women.  New items are being added all the time, so stop by for that perfect handmade item. 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When You Receive a Lemon of the Purchase. . . .Make Lemonade!

By Designed by Audrey

With nearly 1,000 sales on the arisen in by Etsy shop, this elegant soft yellow freshwater pearl cufflink and tie clip set is a new one of a kind item in my shop.  The Lemonade Yellow Pearl Cufflinks and Tie Clip is similar to a set I made for my Father for Christmas.  After I made them, I liked them so much that I made a pair that will eventually make its home with one of my many awesome customers.  These beefy soft yellow pearl cabochons are 16mm round and showcased in a cufflink and tie clip gold bezel setting.  

I came across these soft yellow cabochons by accident.  I ordered golden champagne pearl cabochons but somehow received a few of these soft yellow pearl cabochons in various sizes instead. As I make all kinds of stone, pearl and glass cufflinks for my male customers, I really didn't know what I would do with these yellows cabochons.  At first I was really disappointed because I really wanted the golden champagne pearls which is a favorite of my customers.  However, when I got into the Christmas spirit and started making gifts for my family and friends, I wound up making lemonade out of this lemon of a purchase. I made a similar yellow pearl cufflinks and tie clip set for my Dad as one of his Christmas gifts.  When my Dad goes to church, he gets really dressed up and I thought that this yellow set would add a little sunshine to one of his navy blue suits. I can't wait to present them to him.  

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