Monday, June 21, 2010

The Value of A Money Pen!

This past weekend I had a booth at  the St. Mary's Parish  Flea  and Vendor's Market in support of their Mens' Ministry in Landover Hills, MD.  As the event was supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. we arrived at  7:15 a.m. to find a sea of vendors already set up and selling and a long line for check in. There were over 300 vendors at this event. 

My husband was on hand to help set up, however with all  of the people walking through everywhere and everything, ready to buy, made set up difficult.   I sold three of my Murano Lampwork Rings before I officially opened for business.  The vendor directly behind me whose name is Michelle has a wonderful business called Philly Soul Treasures ( was a wealth of information and help to me during this event.  Michelle is a second generation Flea Market, Yard Sale Specialist who sells used and new items at events and online. We helped her with her tent and quickly closed up the gaps between our booths to keep shoppers from walking into our supply and personal area.  There were so many vendors that wherever there was a gap to get through to the next area, the shoppers took advantage.  During our many discussions, Michelle asked if I had a money pen and of course, I didn't.  She explained that because there is a lot of counterfeit currency being circulated, a pen is imperative for all money transactions $20 and above.  Michele went on to explained that the pens were relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any stationary store like Staples.

It was a hot sunny Saturday and attendance was good  so I sold a lot of earrings, rings and key chains.  It seems that the shoppers at this event did not want to spend over $20.00 for anything.  That was okay because I  had an entire table and two hanging racks with lovely items price at $20.00 and under.  However,  the bargain hunters were drawn to my higher priced items.  My Carmel Aventurine and Golden Honey Jade Necklace and Earring Set  which is featured above was the target of a few haggles.  This wonderful set is totally semi-precious gemstones with soft yellow Caltrite beads rounding out the Carmel Aventurine and Honey Jade.   It is a steal at $35.00.  However, I was willing to drop the price for this particular venue to $30.00, but of course, $20.00 was the price offered.  I offered other lovely sets in my shop that were similar in color at the $20.00 price point  like the featured Champagne Coco and Gold Cracked Glass Necklace and Earring Set, but of course they didn't want that.  

Towards the end of the event about six young men (18-20 years old) showed up and were ready to shop. And they shopped, paying with $50.00 bills.  Michelle was kind enough to let me borrow her money pen.  I usually don't accept anything over $20.00, but was able to because of the money pen!  My Blue Turquoise Teardrop Pendant Necklace and Earring Set was the first item purchased by these young shoppers.

Things learned from this event:  Get up and out earlier to set up.  Networking is a wonderful way to learn and receive and give help. The value of a money pen! 


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