Thursday, June 3, 2010


Wow, this week has been one full of highs and lows.  One of the high points of this week is I had my first sale on Artfire!  Yipee!  Firsts are always exciting.  I sold a pair of my Soft Pink and White Marble Earrings. These are truly lovely earrings and I have two additional pairs in stock.  I shared the news of this good fortune with the Artfire Community in a thread entitled  "At LAST My First Sale Has Come Along!"  All of the well wishes were truly appreciated.  A GREAT group for sure!
My second first, I received and accepted a reserved listing on Etsy.  It was for my Black Beaded Gold Hoop Earrings.  What made it so special was that the request was for six pairs of earrings for a bridal party!  Again, firsts can be really exciting and I was very pleased.  I was blessed to have all the supplies in stock because the bride would need them in a few days.  So, I thought I would be busy making, packaging and shipping this order and then it happened.  . .I received a message from the Bride requesting the cancellation of the order.  It seems that her mother-in-law had graciously purchased other earrings for her bridal party.  As I had not purchased any supplies or started work, I refunded all but the $1.20 listing fee. The cancellation of  a sale was another first and it was a low point.  I have updated my policies on both shops as it relates to special orders to set forth and cover what will be refunded or not.    

Other matters.  I am getting ready for a busy month of outdoor events.  I have several set up for this month.  I will have a booth at the The Kid's Festival on 9th Street in Bowie, MD on Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  I will also have a booth at a vendors market and craft fair at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Route 450 in Landover Hills, MD.  As I begin the pull things together for these events the following helpful tips come to mind.  I will focus on the table set up today.

First thing -- know your inventory.  Keep an updated list of every item which will be showcased for sale at the event.  It is helpful and important to have pictures, descriptions and prices listed on a printout. This is simple task for those who have on-line shops on websites like Etsy or Artfire because it is just a matter of printing the current listing and checking off which items will be showcased. This will also be key in adjusting inventory after the event is over.  Next tag and price each item.  Do a trial run of how the table(s) will be set up.  How many tables will be used ?  What kind and color tablecloth(s) will work best?  Do you have a banner for your table?  If so, what will be used to attached it to the table?  If items will be displayed at different heights, (which creates more space and interest) what will be used?  Is it sturdy and stable enough for the items which will sit on top. Frugal risers can be made out of postage boxes of various sizes wrapped in white paper or whatever covering you choose. Will the tablecloth fit nicely over these props or will the props be placed on top of the tablecloth? Once satisfied with the set up, take pictures to use as a guide on the day of the event.

Next time I'll talk about the additional items which will be needed for a successful outdoor event.  The colorful bracelet showcased is my Turquoise Rainbow Calsilica and Black Beaded Bracelet and Earring Set.  Here is a link to the listing  on Artfire:


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