Monday, June 7, 2010

Setting Up The Booth for A Craft Fair

Last week I talked about the table set up.  This week I will discuss setting up the outdoor space for an event.  When taking part in an outdoor event it is wise to have a tent or a market umbrella on hand.  These types of canopies protect your items for sale and you from the sun, wind and rain which makes for a more pleasant experience.  And, there is a bonus -- if the event is on a hot sunny day, visitors have an inviting place to come in out of the sun.

I have a 10' x 10' Easy Up Tent.  It is relatively simple to put up, however, I still need assistance opening it all the way.  If using a tent that is not staked, make sure you have weights (I use 40 lbs weights) on hand or at lease some bricks to protect the tent from strong breezes. For outdoor events have some insect spray on hand in case there are ants. Once the tent is up, the tables should be set up just as they were during the trial run. Have some clamps on hand to keep your tablecloth in place if necessary.  I set up in a "L" or "U" formation so that visitors can come in and browse.  I place my least expensive items near the front of the booth and my more expensive items towards the middle table.  I also have a couple of  vertical racks that I hang above my side tables which hold an additional 20 items.

Sales supplies to have on hand -- pens, receipt book, inventory check list, business cards and holder, a mirror, gift boxes, bags, scissors, tape, plenty of change ($1s, $5s, $10s and $20s), a money marking pen, a money pouch or cash box and a big smile for each customer.  I also have supplies and tools on hand to make minor adjustments in my pieces.  This gives me the ability to change the earrings from pierced to clip-on.  And for the customer who only wears gold or silver, for an additional fee I can upgrade any item.  Next, a comfortable chair is a must.  I also have on hand a TV Table for my drinks and snacks.  I make earrings while I'm at an event to keep business when thing are slow, so my TV table gets a lot of use.  All supplies not being used, should be placed neatly under the tables out of view.  It is important to keep your table neat and well stocked throughout the event.  And last, have fun!  I hope these hints have been helpful.

My new frontier this week is large hole beads key chains which come in a variety of colors and themes which are available in my Etsy Shop or my Artfire Shop .

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