Monday, May 28, 2012

Celebrating Another Milestone At Designed by Audrey!

Tiger's Iron & Hematite Necklace
It has taken a lot of patience and hard work, but with joy and thanksgiving, I am very excited to announce that this month Designed by Audrey has reached another milestone on Etsy -- 200 Sales!  I am happy to say that I currently have an inventory of over 350 items for sale on Etsy and I also sell my handmade jewelry and accessories in two other online venues – Artfire and Zibbet. As I work full time days, this milestone is a great return and such a reward for doing something I really enjoy!  Yes, I enjoy making jewelry and I love, love, love working with natural stone best.

Azurite Malachite Necklace
Hematite & Tiger's Eye
As I have shared previously,  I initially gave the handmade jewelry I made away as gifts to my family, friends and co-workers.  Additionally, I gave jewelry away to get feedback on material and wearability.  The items given away, for the most part, were earrings and bracelets.  Then, as I started making necklace and earring sets for myself that were custom matched to my outfits, I would get lots of compliments!  With joy, I would proclaim, "I made it myself!" Most often I was asked, if I sell my work and if I had pictures of my work. So, I quickly figured out that I needed a place where I could easily showcase my work and Etsy fit the bill.  So, I began to post my handmade items on Etsy. I tell you the truth, my first pictures were absolutely awful, but they were the best I could muster at the time.  However, within two weeks, I had my very first sale online -- despite the pictures. Now I know that pictures are paramount, but when my first customers received their order, they were very pleased and surprised at just how pretty the jewelry actually was. Those early pictures keep me humble as there are still a few of them here and there in my current listings.  I still struggle with the picture taking, but I am improving. 

Sodalite Cross Necklace
Up until this year most of my sales were accomplished by word of mouth, at craft shows and vending events.  However with this 200 sale milestone, my Etsy sales are starting to catch up with my offline sales.  In celebration, I want to first thank God for the ability to make jewelry, for customers and for the many wonderful Artisans I have met and network with on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wano, Stumbleupon, Blogspot, Artfire, and Zibbet.

Horn & Bone Beaded Bracelet
Ocean Fossil Jasper Cuff Links
And, most exciting is the fantastic response I have received to the  launching of my men’s jewelry line just a few months ago. I have been showcasing a few items from my men's jewelry line in this post. Sales have been great online and offline and I am happy to say that I am growing my men's jewelry line with over 80 items in stock.  There are beaded necklaces, bracelets and cuff links in an array of colors, styles and materials which includes blackstone, tigers iron, horn, bone, puka shell, sodalite, agate, wood, tigers eye, sponge coral, onyx, jasper, hematite, jade, adventure, turquoise, howlite, obsidian, marble, azurite malachite and glass.   Thank you guys for supporting me!

I'm excited about the future and I am in the processing of learning new techniques and skills to take my jewelry and accessories to the next level.  But today, I'm celebrating my 200th sale on Etsy.  I am adding new items all the time, so don't be a stranger Designed by Audrey on Etsy!

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