Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Milestone Reached

     I have been a member of a wonderful Guild on for newbies entitled Shops with Less Sales.  It is a great place to make friends while learning how to network and promote online.  To be a part of this guild you must have less than 15 sales and be willing to promote each member of  the guild online.  Active participation is key to being a member and is the key to success in the Guild.  Well, I've reached my 15th sales and it is time to move on.  I really hate to leave because I have met so many talented and wonderful people who were always friendly and most helpful and willing to answer questions and give tips.  I want to say THANK YOU!  I would  also like to give a special THANK YOU to our fearless  leader and Guild Master, Kim of Virgina Beach Quilter who keeps it all together. 

      In parting I wanted to go out promoting the members of the Guild so I put this lovely collection together in their honor.  The name of the collection is "IT'S THE SHOPS WITH LESS THAN. . . .THAT'S ALL!   To learn more about this wonderful Guild check out their blog at:

     I'm Audrey of Designed by Audrey and I have  on-line shops on Artfire at and on Etsy at   I'm adding new and exciting items most everyday!   


  1. New follower from Welcome Wednesday.
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  2. Hey! I am your newest follower, following from blog hop! Love frugal Invitation :) Great blog! Would LOVE for you to follow back! I have some amazing giveaways going on both are handmade! Here is the link :)

  3. I admire all of this etsy work. I'm glad your sales are growing.

    I found your blog through Welcome Wednesday and now I follow.